Trapped raccoon

Big or small, we can handle them all.

Whatever wildlife concerns you're experiencing, Trapper Bob’s Animal Control Service, LLC can alleviate them.

Protect your family.

If there's a wild animal threatening your family's safety, don't hesitate to call Trapper Bob’s Animal Control Service, LLC. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to remove these animals from your residence and reduce possible risks associated with wildlife.

Graduate of National Wildlife Damage Management Academy.

Trust the state licensed professionals at Trapper Bob’s Animal Control Service, LLC to safely remove just about any unwanted animal from your home, business, or property. Our animal trapping services include:

Raccoons Moles Woodchucks Skunks
Squirrels Muskrats Opossums Coyotes
Birds Foxes Chipmunks Bats
Mice Rats Snakes Badger

State certified trappers. Call us at


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